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Catching up pt. 6 Zebraska

Zebraska, a great song by the band Black Camaro, and my first venture into the surprisingly tedious world of After Effects animation. I knew it would take a while until I had a grasp on the program tight enough to churn out anything watchable, and it did take a long, long while. Whether or not it’s watchable is up to you. The whole experience reminded my of my 5th grade science project , when I was so convinced that I figured out a way to make an actual hoverboard using sheets of magnets and was excited to get into the recreational-hover industry, but then the magnets would just flip upside down and stick together and my friends would tell me that their uncle already invented the hoverboard and I was a poser for even trying. But the model looked good.

2 Responses to “Catching up pt. 6 Zebraska”

  1. Arabella Says:

    This is great, and I admire those who have such patience with After Effects.

  2. amy sol Says:

    OMG!! im so proud of u!! dylan and i are laughing but not in a bad way. its actually really cool. congrats!

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